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Transforming Vile Parle’s Real Estate: The Dynamic Founders of Atharv Lifestyle

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The real estate industry in Vile Parle, Mumbai, has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the past decade, thanks to the visionary founders of Atharv Lifestyle, Mr. Sachin Gunjal and Mr. Shailesh Shah. Their dedication, strategic approach, and commitment to excellence have redefined the skyline of Vile Parle, leaving a lasting impression on the city. This blog post delves into the inspiring journeys of these two dynamic leaders and their contributions to the real estate sector.

Sachin Gunjal:

The Architect of Modern, Spectacular, and Elegant Landmarks

Mr. Sachin Gunjal, a true parlekar, embarked on his real estate career in 2000 with a vision to become a business tycoon. His deep-rooted love for Vile Parle is reflected in the exquisite constructions he has spearheaded. With a focus on modernity, splendor, and elegance, Sachin Gunjal has set new standards for construction projects in the area. His personal involvement has resulted in the happiness of over 500 families who have found their dream homes in his creations.

Redefining Construction Projects: Sachin Gunjal’s Vision

Sachin Gunjal’s innovative and meticulous approach has revolutionized how construction projects are conceived, envisioned, and evaluated. His commitment to excellence and dedication to achieving his goals have propelled Atharv Lifestyle to new heights of success and consistency. As the overseer of the company’s operations, his hands-on leadership ensures that every project adheres to the highest standards of quality and design.

Shailesh Shah: The Dynamic Force Behind Atharv Lifestyle

Mr. Shailesh Shah brings a wealth of experience and strategic thinking to Atharv Lifestyle. Having initially made his mark in the diamond industry, he transitioned into real estate in 1998 and has successfully completed more than 17 projects since then. His guiding principles emphasize completing projects ahead of schedule, maintaining top-notch construction performance, and upholding financial discipline and feasibility.

The Philosophy and Principles of Shailesh Shah

Shailesh Shah’s perseverance, wisdom, and strategic decision-making skills have become the driving force behind Atharv Lifestyle. He believes in delivering projects before time, ensuring exceptional construction quality, and adhering to financial discipline. His dynamic experience has not only led Atharv to success but has also established him as a father figure to the company, guiding its growth and upholding its honor.

A Perfect Synchronization of Vision and Energy

The partnership between Sachin Gunjal and Shailesh Shah has created a perfect synchronization of vision and energy within Atharv Lifestyle. Their shared philosophy and principles have become the company’s ideology, leading to the successful completion of numerous prestigious projects. Their unwavering dedication and willingness to embrace challenges have positioned Atharv Lifestyle as a symbol of trust and reliability in the real estate industry.


Mr. Sachin Gunjal and Mr. Shailesh Shah, the visionary founders of Atharv Lifestyle, have left an indelible mark on Vile Parle’s real estate landscape. Through their distinct approaches and unwavering commitment to excellence, they have redefined the concept of modern, spectacular, and elegant landmarks. Their leadership has not only transformed the skyline of Vile Parle but has also brought happiness to numerous families. As Atharv Lifestyle continues to flourish under their guidance, the future of real estate in Vile Parle looks brighter than ever.