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Discover Upcoming Residential Projects in Vile Parle East

Atharv Lifestyle is spearheading the wave of upcoming residential projects in Vile Parle East, offering a world-class living experience. With their meticulously planned designs and luxurious amenities, Atharv Lifestyle's projects redefine contemporary living in this vibrant suburb. These upcoming residential projects in Vile Parle East embody the perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience. Whether it's Atharv Murli, Atharv Navasamaj, or any other development by Atharv Lifestyle, residents can expect an unparalleled lifestyle that surpasses expectations. Discover the epitome of modern living with Atharv Lifestyle's upcoming residential projects in Vile Parle East, where every detail is thoughtfully curated for a truly luxurious experience. Embark on a journey of luxury and sophistication with Atharv Lifestyle's upcoming residential projects in Vile Parle East, setting new benchmarks in opulent living. Upcoming residential projects in Vile Parle East are set to redefine the skyline of this vibrant suburb in Mumbai. With Atharv Murli, Atharv Navasamaj, Atharv Heights, Atharv Laxmi, and Atharv Aaradhyam leading the way, these projects offer an array of amenities, luxurious living spaces, and a prime location that caters to the needs of the modern homebuyer.


Atharv Murli: Luxury Living at Its Finest

Atharv Murli, funded and approved by Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited, presents a range of 3 and 4 BHK apartments designed to provide comfort and convenience. This project is strategically located, offering excellent connectivity to the railway station, hospitals, malls, and recreation areas. Atharv Murli perfectly aligns with the requirements of new-age homebuyers who seek a well-connected home in Mumbai. With its elegant entrance plaza, double-height entrance lobby, rooftop lawn, rooftop recreational area, society office, fitness center, basement parking, and hi-tech security, Atharv Murli creates an ambiance of luxury and tranquility for its residents.


Atharv Navasamaj : A dream home for you

Another upcoming gem in Vile Parle East is Atharv Navasamaj, also funded and approved by Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited. Spread across almost an acre of land, this project offers meticulously crafted 2, 3, and 4 BHK lifestyle homes. Atharv Navasamaj boasts a sprawling 28,000 sq. ft. open space that includes inter-connected rooftop terraces, podium arenas, and new-age utilities. With grand double-height entrance lobby, badminton play area, podium, board game room, music room, library, fitness center, and CCTV security, Atharv Navasamaj provides a comprehensive living experience that blends luxury and convenience seamlessly.


Atharv Heights: Tranquil Living in the Heart of the City

For those seeking a central and tranquil living experience, Atharv Heights presents an excellent choice. With its tower of 10 floors and 19 luxury flats, Atharv Heights offers 3 and 4 BHK apartments. This project embraces the beauty of its surroundings, providing picturesque balconies, a luxurious yoga room, a beautiful terrace garden, an indoor games room, and a luxurious lobby. The automatic tower parking system maximizes convenience, while the elegance entrance lobby adds a touch of sophistication to the living experience at Atharv.


Atharv Laxmi: Modern Luxury with a Classic Twist

Atharv Laxmi, with its superior build quality, contemporary lifestyle, and spacious 2 and 3 BHK apartments, caters to the aspirations of the discerning homebuyer. Spanning almost 42,000 sq. ft., this project offers a range of internal and external amenities, including a podium garden, high-rise tower car parking system, fitness center, elevators with Auto Rescue Device (ARD), rainwater harvesting system, and piped gas connection. The elegance entrance lobby welcomes residents and visitors alike, reflecting the modern luxury that defines Atharv Laxmi.


At the forefront of upcoming residential projects in Vile Parle East, Atharv Lifestyle offers "Atharv Laxmi," with superior build quality and modern luxury over 42,000 sq. ft. "Atharv Heights" features 19 luxury flats, balconies, yoga room, and terrace garden. "Atharv Navasamaj" offers amenity-rich homes with 28,000 sq. ft. open space. "Atharv Murli" provides convenient, well-connected living. Atharv Lifestyle reshapes Vile Parle's real estate, earning trust as a leading builder.

Atharv Lifestyle's upcoming residential projects in Vile Parle East offer modern amenities, including podium gardens, a fitness center, a yoga room, terrace gardens, and advanced safety features like swimming pool, an inter-connected terrace, badminton, and basketball Court. Sustainability is prioritized with rainwater harvesting and piped gas. Luxurious lobbies, indoor games rooms, and convenient locations enhance comfortable and holistic living experiences.

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